Frequently Asked Questions

     Please also see the ALC Solution Advantages page.

Q: When was the ALC Solution developed and how durable has it proven to be?

A: The ALC Solution was first employed in 1990 and has proven thus far to be both durable and elegant. Since that time we have worked to perfect the ALC Solution to optimize savings, quality and deployability.

Q: Has testing been done on the ALC Solution stone cladding system?

A: Yes. Several independent laboratories have carried out testing on the limestone cladding system. Please contact us for further information.

Q: Are there any guarantees or warranties?

A: Yes. Our warranty may be found in the online Manual.

Q: How can I maximize my savings when using the ALC Solution?

A: Specification of the ALC Solution at a projects inception offers the greatest opportunities for savings. However, even at later stages, ordering ALC Solution limestone elements like lumber offers considerable savings.

Q: What are the relative benefits of mortar or caulking?

A: Mortar is most suitable if no movement (i.e. from seismic activity) is anticipated. Caulking is most suitable for areas where movement is possible, especially in earthquake-prone areas. Please call for specifics regarding use in earthquake-prone areas.

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